We Want MoR – Chapter 17


Harry attempts to abuse Time with a clever idea, takes a flying lesson, and has a bizarre first encounter with the headmaster.

Original chapters, written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, can be read here and the audiobook chapters, recorded by Eneasz Brodski, can be found earlier in this podcast feed and on the website.

In next week’s episode, we will be covering chapter 18.

LessWrong essay Cached Thoughts

The Relativistic Railgun (also called Peasant Railgun) from DnD

Quick overview of P vs NP if you’re curious.

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Album art courtesy of Lorec from The Bayesian Conspiracy podcast’s Discord. Thank you!

Coy on the same Discord manages an RSS feed that compiles the relevant audiobook chapters with the WW MoR counterparts. Just copy and paste that link into your favorite podcast app in the “add by url” option. Thanks, Coy!

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  1. Spoiler warning

    I had a different read on the prime factorization scene. I don’t think that we’re not supposed to think about that sort of thing, it’s just that Time will try to simplify complex loops. What ended up happening is much simpler than Harry’s expectation. This is a compatible take with some other situations later in the story.

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