SFX & Music Credits

Herein lie all the SFX used, in chronological order of first use. Note that there’s lots of replication in this list.


SFX: Pencil on Paper

SFX: Woman Laughing, Man Laughing (me)Diagon Alley

SFX: Coin Pile, Shop Bell

SFX: Thunder

SFX: Slap, Door Slam

SFX: Tawny Owls

SFX: Soda Can 1, Soda Can 2

SFX: Soda Can, Snap, Feet Patter, Sliding DoorPencil on Paper, Book Snap Shut

SFX: Cocktail Party, Whispers 1, 2, 3, 4

SFX: Pencil on PaperSnap

SFX: Pencil on Paper, To A Louse

SFX: Ding, Dong, Desk Thump

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Referee Whistle, Bone CrackSnap

SFX: Desk Thump

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Head Thump

SFX: Sigh, Book Close, Suck, Pop, Door Knocks

SFX: Crash

SFX: Gong

SFX: Electric Discharge, Snap

SFX: Door Knocks

SFX: Door BellDoor Slam

SFX: Winter Wind, Streeeeeetch, Plop

SFX: Flash Back Music

ch 45 Music: From Within, by Mark Petrie

SFX: Pop, Thunder StormMetal Door Creak, Egg Cracking

ch 52/53 Ambiance: Quake Theme

ch 54 Ambiance: Underearth, from Quake

ch 55 Music: Ghosts track 2, by Nine Inch Nails

ch 56 Music: Ghosts track 1, by Nine Inch Nails

ch 57 Ambiance: Damnation, from Quake

SFX: Rocket Roar

ch 58 Music: A Little Change Could Go A Long Ways, by City Of Caterpillar

SFX: Pop

ch 60 Music: Non-Objective Portrait of Karma, by Circle Takes The Square

SFX: Chimes, Door Smash, Egg Crack, Pencil on Paper 

SFX: Door Knock, Short Cry, Long Cry, Caw?, Caw!, Wing Flap 1, Wing Flap 2

SFX: Caw?, Knife on Plate, Pencil on Paper

SFX: Ding, Door Flung Open, Metal Clang, Lightsaber Ignition

SFX: Phoenix Cry,  Knocks

SFX: Granite Dragging 1, 2, 3

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Applause 1, Applause 2

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Pop, Flashback Impact, Flashback Fade, Neck Snap, Force Lightning

Rationalist Hamlet Intro/Outro Music: Ghost Of Hamlet’s Father

SFX: Cock Crow

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Door Slams, Prometheus Trailer, Snap

Welcome To The Real World Intro/Outro Music: Free*Land – Big Wednesday

Phoenix Room Theme: Communal Blood by This Will Destroy You

SFX: Owl Hoot, Angelic Choir, Time Rewind

SFX: Chaos Legion Song

SFX: Phoenix Cry, Door Slam, Folder Snapped Shut

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Rod Tap, Wizengamot Rabble Sounds

SFX: Rod TapDementor Rasp

SFX: Parchment Flips, Door, Footsteps

SFX: DoorFootsteps, Phoenix Cry 1 & 2

SFX: Floo Fire

SFX: Vroop

SFX: Gargoyles, 2, 3, Door Opening

SFX: Chair Fall, Fire Bursts,  Clock TickBroom Screech, Student Riot, Whack, Clap, Door

ch 89 Background Music: Trevor Jones – You Have the Power

SFX: Fire, Hermione Drop, Troll Fall, Head Explody, RunningSword Dropped, Regeneration, ThumpBones Crack, Various Different Troll Calls, All Sorts of Battle Sounds  I Can’t List Them All, Phoenix Croon

SFX: Door Knocks, Door, Flame, Door Slam

SFX: Door, Walking, Floo Fire, Rock 1, Rock 2

ch 96 Music: Sphere of Stars

SFX: Door Open, Door Slam, Coin Bag, Crowd Noise, Crowd Gasp, Spoon Tapping Glass

SFX: Unicorn Scream, Slithering in Leaves, Crashing through Underbrush, Whistle, Dog, Night Ambiance, Scary Shit Going Down

SFX: Diffindo, Falling Branch

SFX: Horse Hooves, Staff Hit, Fingers Cracking, Spell Deflect Base, Spell Deflect Overlay

SFX: Typing

ch 104 special thanks to @DGruwier for composing the battle music

SFX: Footsteps, Battle FX

SFX: Hiss

SFX: Hiss, Dog Bark, Keys Buzz, FiendFyre, Acid, Devil’s Snare, Troll

ch 108 Music: Ether, by David Gruwier, Born to Lose, by Sleigh Bells, Obscure, by Dir en GreyThe Stand, by The ProtomenDreams From Cube 12, by Candlegravity

SFX: Hiss, Thud, Boil-over, Water Pouring

ch 109 Music: A Lost Mexican City

ch 110 Music: Viginti Tres, by Tool, with just a touch of Never Say Die at the end

SFX: Hiss, Stone Doors, Earthquake

ch 111 Music: Akai Kioku, by Gonin-ish, Catacombs from Tabletop AudioTibetan/Vedic Chant by One Voice Harmonic Choir, Protect Life by Eric Serra

SFX: Hiss, Obelisks, De-transfigurationPistol, Cloth Tearing, Blowing Leaves

SFX: Pistol, Splat

ch 113 Music: 28 Days Later Theme, by John Murphy

ch 114 Music: Dak’kon’s Theme, from Planescape:TormentKein Bestandteil Sein, by Einstürzende Neubauten with a little bit of Silverfuck, by Smashing Pumpkins; Brother’s (Instrumental), from Fullmetal Alchemist

SFX: Whistle, Distant Bang

ch 116 Music: Blue Day; That’s Enough

SFX: Heels, Babble, Pheonix Cry, Wing Flaps, Door Open, Girl Scream, Woo, Slap, Huzzah

ch 117 & 118 Music: No Memory, by Stone Temple Pilots; Cry In Sorrow, from FFIVFuneral Music, Piano and Viola

SFX: Gargoyles, Floo Fire, Pencil on Paper Thud

ch 119 Music: Mystic Mysidia, from FFIVTo Glory, by Two Steps From HellUnseen Stranger

SFX: Door Open, Door Knocks, Doorbell

ch 120 & 121 Music: Take Me Somewhere Nice, by MogwaiSomewhere Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole; Pure Death, from Hellsing Soundtrack

ch 122 Music: Ether, by David LarsenAeons, by David LarsenMorning Sunlight, by Chrono Symphonic



Sword of Good

Intro Music: Blackmore’s Night – Loreley
Outro Music: Blackmore’s Night – Peasant’s Promise
Inn Music: Natalie MacMaster -David’s Jig

SFX: Orc Hiss, Sword Growl, Sword WailWooden Door Blown Open, Fire Wall, Orc Death Squeal, Sword Hack ‘n Spark, Horses Trotting, Horse Neigh, City Ambiance, Door Opening, Nighttime Ambiance, Coins

Intro/Outro Music: Nightwish – Ghost Love Score

SFX: Door Open, Trap Door, Door Close, Flare, WormsDisintegration-explosionMachinery (x2Sword Wail, Sword Scream, Sword Dropped, Staff Thump, Crystal Shatter


Three Worlds Collide

p1 Intro/Outro Music: WHiTeIncorp – We Are Only Stardust

p2 Intro/Outro Music: Phantogram – When I’m Small

SFX: Fist Slam, Slap

p3 Intro/Outro Music: Nyan Cat

Background Music:
Malt.Tabulated Sounds – Ambient Days
Malt.Tabulated Sounds – Darkness
Cachexy – The Lord Eraser

SFX: Head Thud

p4 Intro/Outro Music: Active Child – Hangin’ On

Background Music: BpOlar – gospel_4_six

p5 Intro/Outro Music: Death In Vegas – Hands Around My Throat

SFX: Zap

p6&7 Intro/Outro Music: Atari Teenage Riot – Death Star

SFX: Zap, Desk Thump, Chair Fall

p8 Intro/Outro Music: Charmax – Space Girl; Special thanks to Locusts of Egypt for giving permission to use their song “Holiday Excursion” in the background.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Zombie

SFX: Dice


The Study of Anglophysics

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Campfire, Ball Rolling, Leaves Cracking, Sonic Ray, Banging on Metal Door, Instruments Falling, Neck Snap, Adwellian Beer Fest Components

SFX: Pencil on PaperBanging on Metal Door, Matter Disrupter, Earthquake Base, Earthquake Extra, Plane Fall Start, Plane Fall End, Water Base, Extra Wave, Wet Steps, Water in Hut, Air Bubble



SFX: Bzzzzt


Trust In God, or The Riddle of Kyon

Ambiance: There Be Dragons @ TableTop Audio

SFX: Typing

Music: Elevator Music, Rooftop View Music, Crazy Talk Music

SFX: Elevator Door, Walking, Cell Phone Vibration


Nineteen Neighty-Four

SFX: Cheer (large), Cheer (small), Projector, Fanfare, Conga, Vinyl ScratchDoor Knocks, Pencil on Paper, Door Slam, Glass Fill, Glass Splash, Bucket Splash, Furniture Crash, Punches

SFX: Pencil on Paper, Door SlamChairMetal Creak, Breaking, SlapPunches, Whiffed Punches, Breaking Glass, Breaking Plate, Breaking Pottery, Furniture Crash, Long ExplosionSuper-Long Explosion, Straw Slurp


Words of Love, Soft and Tender

SFX: Forest Ambiance (Dinotopia track), branch shake, snap, zap, branch swing


sam513 & Valuable Humans In Transit

SFX: Incoming Android, Violent Landing, Sirens, Helicopter


Red Legacy

Voice Credits (in order of appearance):
Alexia – Ella Barrett
Ivan – Steven Zuber
MI6 Agent – Brian Jones
Uri Pushkin – Mike Ellis
Technician – Drewy Nucci
Guards – Peter Sartucci & Quincy Allen
Technician – Drewy Nucci
Natasha – Cedra

Music: Overgrowth, Espionage, Losing All Control, Far Above The World, ChillOut

SFX: Klaxon, Boom Rumble, Body Drop, AK47, Pistol,  Alarm, Zap, Window Slide

Music: Crossed Over From Death To Life, Prelude To An Eon, The Call Of Ktulu (as performed by Warsaw Guitar Orchestra)

SFX: Boom Rumble, GunfirePistol, Footsteps, HeartbeatScreams, Crash, Glass, Explosion, Slap


Three Bodies at Mitanni

SFX: Typing

Music: Beyond, by Chris NeilmanQuiet Slumber, by Shadow6Nothing9Xfaded Uglyness, by BpOlar; Terror, by TableTop Audio


Of All Possible Worlds

SFX: Riot, Wreckage, Cave-in, Sheets, Angry German, hits, Angry Mob, Crowd Cheer, Earthquake, Chaotic Mob, Many Animal Sounds, Beating Wings, Squawk1, Squawk2, SummonFootsteps, Colosseum ambiance

Music: Intro/Outro – If I Had A Heart, by Fever Ray; Bull In The Heater, by Sonic Youth; Nightmare, by TableTop Audio; Underearth by NIN; The Wolf, by Fever Ray; Transition FOG, by BpOlar, Ms Valkyr



Voice credits (in order of appearance):
Lucius – Drake Walker
Scientist – Venesssa

SFX: Push bar, swing, janitor bots, footsteps, maglev, maglev door, urinating, AC hum, captive bolt pistol A + B, action movie

Intro/Outro – Madness, by Muse
The Casting Out of Adam – Sail, by AWOLNation
War For Hell – Ghost Love Score, by Nightwish
The Parables of Ken Thompson – Sound of Silence, Disturbed cover, karaoke version
Return to God – Komm susser Tod, by Arianne, Sagisu, Anno, & Wyzgowski

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