HPMoR Credits


Eliezer Yudkowsky – Author, and founder of Less Wrong.

Eneasz Brodski – Producer, narrator/Harry/Draco/Quirrell/misc

Drake Walker – Albus Dumbledore

Anonymous – Hermione Granger

Autumn Rachel Dryden – Minerva McGonagall, Doctor Camblebunker

Brian Jones – Severus Snape

Jocee Cotton – Daphne Greengrass
Jocee Cotton’s Parents – Leo & Roberta Granger

Lauren Housley – Susan Bones

Leppy – Tracy Davis

Steven Zuber – Poly-juiced Quirinus Quirrell, Centaur (probably Firenze)

Nikki Ebright – Lily Potter, Molly Weasley

Alan Hogan – Remus Lupin

Melissa Kessler – Amelia Bones, Mrs Figg

Anonymous – Bellatrix Black

BJ Kramer – Bahry One-Hand, Dementor, Lord Jugson

MarZ – Female Prisoner, Hannah Abbot

Adom Hartell – Neville Longbottom

James – Mad-Eye Moody

Greg Crouse – Fred & George Weasley

Anonymous – Cedric Diggory

Paige Smith – Lavender Brown

Amanda Grassello – Padma and Parvati Patil

Zoe Chace – Penelope Clearwater

MartectX – Lucius Malfoy

Alexander Jackson – Voldemort

Sabrina Seaver – Augusta Longbottom

Eric Starling – Ernie MacMillan

Megan Claar – Madam Hooch, Morag MacDougal

Seth Morrigan – Anthony Goldstein

Brooke Davis – Pansy Parkinson, Madam Pomfrey

Cory Watson – Rufus Scrimgeour

Marijke and Yvonne Koelewijn – Flora and Hestia Carrow

Anthony Westbrook – Gregory Goyle

Kami Adams – Dolores Umbridge

Duane Bredel – Auror Komodo

Tom Dickinson – Percy Weasley

Paula Rizzuto – Sybill Trelawney, Prof Sprout, Lady Greengrass

Karen Schmidtz – Michelle Morgan

Jay Novella – Argus Filch

Stephan Wäldchen – Terry Boot

Anaea Lay – Rianne Felthorne

Robert Doss – Prof. Michael Verres-Evans

Annie McCabe – Petunia Evans-Verres

Ida Holcomb – Cornelia Walt

Willie McAllistor – Hagrid

K – Charlotte Wiland

Dan Carlin – Auror Captain Brodski

MK – Witch in Painting (ch 13)

David Lu!! – Dean Thomas, Mr. Honor

G.G. Arndet – Millicent Bulstrode, Mandy Brocklehurst, Emmeline Vance

Ceslo Cedar – Tess Walsh, Slytherin #2 ch 72, 7th year Slytherin Bookie

Adele S – Resse Belka

Utkarsh – Bookstore Owner, Adrian Turnipseed

Drewy Nucci – Marcus Flint

Lance F. – Ch63 Gryffindor, McCusker, Ollivander, Yuri, ch88 Anonymous Voice, Unnamed Death Eater

Yael W. – ch75 3rd Yr Ravenclaw Girl

Evan B. – Wizard in Painting, ch69 Older Slytherin Boy, Arty Grey

Nicholas G. – Lee Jordan, ch12 Ravenclaw boy, Tano Wolfe

Zach Gerlock – Tom the Barman, Peregrine Derrick

Max S. – ch70 Male Prefect, ch13 Bullying Victim

Benjamin K. – Mr Bester

Ludvig S. – Robert Jugson III

Kitty Hawk – ch72 Slytherin girl, Sherice Ngaserin

Andrew Mitchell – Malfoy faction member #3

Alexander Mitchell – Justin Finch-Fletchly

Daniel H. – Jr Auror Arjun Altunay

Phillip K. – ch72 Slytherin boy

Marco R. – Pius Thicknesse, ch17 first-year Gryffindor, Auror Goryanof

Matt C. – Micheal Corner, Michael Hopkins

Bram Bakkar – Carl Sloper, Mr Durian

Cedra – Crystal Camblenunker, ch75 3rd year Ravenclaw girl, ch42 Older Slytherin girl, Wizengamot Secretary

Erik the Red – Lesath Lestrange

Tobias H. – Xiaoguang ‘Mike’ Li , ch72&77 Slytherin Boy, ch88 Student, Ravenclaw Student

Chris J – Senior Crabbe

Brian Ziman – Randolph Lee, Panicked Slytherin Bully

Phil Foglio – Quibbler Headlines

Kaja Foglio – ch75 2nd year girl

Jennifer – ch75 Other 2nd year girl, Colleen Johnson

Mike Ellis – Ambrosius Flume

Kathee J – ch63 older Hufflepuff girl, Nancy Hua

Amelia Barrett – Samantha Crowley, Jacqueline Preece

Michael M – ch27 Gryffendor Bully

Benthor – Charles Nott

Rob K – Theodore Nott

Ginny DiGuiseppi – Prof Sinistra, Sarah Varyabil, Young Witch in Painting

Beccaloo – Prof Vector, Ora Weinbach, Eloise Rosen

Nancy Fingerhood – Madam Pince, Auror Isabel Brooks, Cesi

Morgan – Auror Noelle, Su Li, Kellah, Troll-Savvy Witch

Rachel K. – Doris, Fay, ch79 older Ravenclaw girl

Josh – Anon Auror

Jibran Humayun – Keven Entwhistle, ch13 Terrified Hufflepuff

Capt. Hatchmo – Vincent Crabbe

Lord Greengrass – Himself

Jai Dhiayni – Not Serious, ch30 1st year boy, Mr. Grim

Blake Smith – Dumbledore Faction Member, ch86 Young Wizard

Lori – Chloe

Polly – Malfoy Faction Woman, Witch Detective, Della, ch103 Someone

Alex Wilcock – ch81 Malfoy Faction Member #4

Jonas Hock – ch104 Older Hufflepuff Boy

Michael Jimenez – ch104 Younger Hufflepuff Boy, Mr. Sallow/MacNair

Billy Van Ark – ch3 Old Man

Matthew West – Obelisks

Francis Whitesell – Prof. Flitwick, Unnamed Death Eater

Afforess – Mr. Friendly

Richard James Acton – Mr. Council

April Walters – Olivia Habryk

Isidore N. – Narcissa Malfoy

Andrew S. – Ch 9 unnamed student

Katrina J.L. – Tonks

charly Koch – Brienne

The welcome post & full file art is by DeviantArt user UnknownCartoonsLover (account now deactivated)

The art for Part 1 – 6 files is by dewwwey

The theme music for most episodes is Catch That Goblin, by Skaven

Ch104 Sprout Fight Music by David Gruwier

Lots of proof-listening by Leonard Cohen


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