(13) Production Notes

When this episode came out, Portal was still big. Whenever the author of a note or letter is known, I read it in his/her voice. At the start of the chapter the author is unknown and I didn’t want to spoil anything. Fortunatly, the Quotes Quill’s writing is described as obviously not handwritten – “perfectly regular, hence artificial.” The choice of GLaDOS-voice from there was easy.

(12) Production Notes

Quirrell’s voice was also easy. I knew from the start that I wanted him to sound like Magneto from the 90s X-Men Cartoon. Because he is a bad-ass and extremely competent. Proud, intelligent, ruthless, and powerful. The ideal of the Russian Strong Man Dictator. That was the image I pulled into my mind every time I spoke as him (and still do). Turns out that my memory was wrong – I remembered Magneto as being that awesome, so I remembered his voice as being very deep and resonant. Turns out it isn’t so much. I prefer my mistaken memory, and will continue with deep-Quirrell.