We Got Dreams! – Eneasz Brodski

Steven and Jennifer continue the dream in a discussion with the story’s author, Eneasz Brodski. The book is What Lies Dreaming. Read this book and buy it here.

The short story this is an expansion of is Of All Possible Worlds. Check out that story and everything else he’s published here.

The Real Fanfic Is The Friends We Made Along The Way

The Real Fanfic Is The Friends We Made Along The Way, by Eneasz Brodski

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This audio version was produced by AskWho, using awesome new AI tech. It cost him money to produce this, and his Patreon is always open to people who’d like to fund more of this sort of thing. :) https://www.patreon.com/AskwhoCastsAI

We Got Dreams! – Marcus Verus

While Eneasz is away, Steven and Wes sit down to talk about Marcus Verus, one of the three protagonists of Eneasz’s book What Lies Dreaming. Steven finally got off his ass and picked up a whole book without a podcast to motivate him. Then, not only  could he not put it down, he couldn’t resist the urge to talk about it. Read this book and buy it here.

Barbie – It Makes Sense If You Understand Cinemanarrative Dissonance

Sneaking massive feels under the woke radar.

Full spoilers for Barbie

America Ferrera’s full monologue
Written post – Cinemanarrative Dissonance – The Subversiveness of Barbie
Lindsey Ellis on Megan Fox in Transformers
Short story – One of the Good Ones
Patron-only post with over 9 minutes of additional discussion
(edit: Meghan Daum’s version of Ferrera’s monologue but for men. I encourage everyone to do one for themselves.)

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