(86b) Production Notes

I believe I went through my entire range of non-cartoony female voices today. I’ve already gone through every single thinking-to-himself voice for Harry, and I had to bring in Brian Jones (Severus) to help me out with Ravenclaw Two. I can only say thank you again to those who volunteer their voices to help. :)

Brian has an amazing radio voice, which I hadn’t heard before due to the inflection he uses when he plays Snape. The richness of it really blew me away. I mean, he has a strong voice IRL, but people sound different when they’re talking casually compared to when they’re intoning. I’ve been told myself a number of times that people are surprised when they hear me on the podcast, and ask if I do post-production on my voice. I don’t, you just fall into a different cadence when you’re performing. As my friend Jon says – it’s natural, it’s just the “Dramatic Chipmunk” version which doesn’t get used in ordinary life. It’s the main reason I actually record a fresh intro every week (as opposed to pasting in a stock intro, like I do with the majority of the outro). Saying those twenty-six words injects me smoothly into narration mode, it’s almost like flipping a switch. Brian just slips into his with a few seconds of preparation. I’m glad to have him on board!

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