(86c) Production Notes

Very few time-travel stories allow for both a self-consistent single universe and unlimited time-travel. That would almost invariably be an instant victory condition for the time-traveler, and likely boring to read about. That’s why we need restrictions like only six uses per day. Interestingly, there was a movie nearly a quarter century ago that belied it’s understanding of this with its silly premise.

It’s possible some younger readers/listeners haven’t seen this movie, so I’m going to fully endorse Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It is in my top-five movies to watch when you just want to watch a plain ol’ fun movie. It doesn’t take its subject matter seriously, but it is a damn fun time! And it has the advantage of carrying a very humanistic message.

It is notable in that, like the Harry Potter universe, causality points both ways (present effects having future causes). This makes for a great break-out-of-jail scene once the protagonists realize they are very nearly gods. They never use this power for anything important (it is a goofy comedy, after all) but it’s a fun introduction to the self-consistency principle.

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  1. holy hell, bill and ted? have you seen Bogus Journey? its equally good.

    you just jumped a million cool points Eneasz

    • :)

      I didn’t like Bogus Journey as much, actually. The supernatural aspect threw me, I had been expecting another romp through history. I’m curious to see what they’ll do with the third one!

  2. Would it be possible to get someone else to read for Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody? The current reader sounds some times a bit unintelligible, and at other times sound like an angry drunk person talking through gritted teeth. Can anyone else read that part? Or at least get the current reader to change his style?

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