(86e) Production Notes

This is a shorter episode than I’m used to. Normally I would have added the first part of 87 to this episode, since 87 on its own it too long for one episode, but short enough that two episodes would both be a bit short. However now that I’m almost caught up to the written work (just two episodes to go!) I’m ok easing off the pace just a little bit. For those who’ve been asking – yes, I do have something in mind for what to do while the next chapters are being written. I’ll be announcing it next week.

Those reading along will notice that I actually changed a line slightly. I dropped the description of Voldemort’s voice as “high, like a teakettle”. As much as I love this description, and as much as I hate to stray from the source material, the difference between the voice-as-described and the voice-as-recorded was too great. It was potentially jarring enough to interrupt the flow of the story, and it was too late to change the recording of the voice. So I made a small adaptation. I hope everyone will be ok with calling it an artifact of translating the media from text to audio-with-cast. Many apologies to Eliezer!

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