(87a) Production Notes

As mentioned in the episode, the HPMoR podcast is now going to an every-other-week schedule. This is in large part due to my desire to start exploring other projects. I’ve been doing the podcast for two years now, and while it’s been amazing and I’ll certainly keep at it until it is done, I don’t have a lot of time left over at the end of the day once all my obligations are met. I’ll be taking a break for a week, and then hopefully I can start in on things that have been floating around in my head for months now. I’m a bit scared that I’ll end up NOT doing any extra work… that the time I free up will be wasted on gaming or reading or something. I want to catch up on those things too, but I don’t want that to take over. That would be extremely counter-productive. It’ll be me vs my elephant for a bit, lets see how much effort it takes to wrangle him in. :)

As also mentioned, in the time between new chapters I’ll be giving the same audio treatment to some of Eliezer’s other works, with his blessing (thank you!). Sword of Good will be first, it’s an excellent story, and several voices from HPMoR will be making an appearance there as well. If you haven’t read any of Eliezer’s other stories you are in for a treat. :) Future plans include Three Worlds Collide and perhaps (if I can pull it off) Trust In God.

Today’s episode is the first one where I used Audacity’s Compressor to level out the various audio channels to (hopefully) all come in at the same volume. If it didn’t work out so well, please let me know.

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