(100b) Production Notes

Those of you who listen to Hardcore History will be just as excited as I am to hear that Dan Carlin has kindly donated his voice to play the part of Auror Captain Brodski! I’ve gone back and edited him into last week’s episode. This makes TWO celebrity voices in a single episode!

Those of you who don’t listen to Hardcore History may be asking “What’s the big deal? History is in the past, I’m more interested in the future! Has this guy ever, say… quoted Nick Bostrom on existential risk?” First, his delivery of the history is very exciting, and his voice is striking. I could listen to him all day, and it’s a fun listen! Second, something about being forced to repeat the past. And Third, it’s funny you should ask that specific question, because he did that exact thing in the most recent episode. This is forward-looking history. The episodes are long, but with months between them there’s plenty of time for listening.

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  1. Hardcore History is a great recommendation!

    At least quadrupled my walking time ;-)

  2. Is there a way to listen to all of them from the beginning? I can’t find the back/older/previous button on Hardcore History.

    • I don’t think so, I believe they’re intentionally limited in availability to just the last few years, and you can buy older archives via CD. However I could be wrong, you may want to try contacting them directly.

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