(101) Production Notes

This marks the first time I haven’t accompanied Harry’s Doom Alarm of “DON’T. STOP.” with the Kill Bill screeches. I felt like with everything else that was going on, it would be overkill.

This episode also again brings us current with the text of Methods of Rationality. I do have more things in the works to keep us going until MoR is completed. Not all of them will be readings of fiction, so we’ll be branching out a bit, but they should all be enjoyable. :) Next week – the first half of a MoR fanfic. It’s good!

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  1. What about Eliezer’s April Fool’s Day post?

  2. Fallout: Equestria still seems to be awaiting a complete high-quality audio version. There’s probably some demographic mismatch with your current audience, but I wonder what that factor is compared to other fiction you’re considering. If that statistic interests you, I expect you could obtain useful information from a multi-selection poll on this site.

    There’s also the other side of the demographic mismatch to consider, the large fanbase of FoE, some of whom might enjoy HPMoR, if only they had heard of it. As for the stats on that, I don’t know a fast way to get that data, off the top of my head.

    • I’ll admit I never listened to the audio version. I fired up the first chapter just now, and it sounds good. Certainly better than my original attempt at HPMoR. :) I don’t feel like I’d be adding much value to a world that already has an FoE audio book.

      • I expect you found the FoE audiobook created by Scorch Mechanic, which indeed impresses right from the start. However, all characters therein are read by the same narrator, and it seems to have stopped updating after chapter 25.

        Now I shall render my prior points moot by further pointing out that the narrator does wonderful work on each character, such that even the many females characters come across without distraction. Furthermore, there’s another audio version which is complete, and its quality is sufficient for immersion from chapter 26 onward (once the listener has adjusted to the different narrator).

        I’d have felt remiss in my duties if I had not at least raised the possibility, of course.

  3. That will be the first time that you will read something on the podcast that I have not already read. I’m looking forward to that! The only HPMoR fanfic I’ve read was Nightmares of Azkaban (right after the standford prison arc), which was good.

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