(109b & 110) Production Notes

Oh man, after hearing nothing but my own voice for so long, it was a very welcome relief to have someone else to work with again! I hadn’t realized how much I had gotten used to hearing other people while I working on these episodes. It turns out I enjoy the vocal variety a lot, and hearing just myself for so long may have made the episodes quicker and easier to update, but it was becoming a hell of a drag. Hooray for Dumbledore!

I hope my Dumbledore impression wasn’t too awful. I recorded Drake reading all of those Quirrell lines as if Dumbeldore was saying them, and then tried to mimic his pace and inflection when I read them. That was fun. :)

I debated a bit about the Description of this episode. I really, really wanted it to be “Surprise, Mugglefucker!” to most closely mimic the meme. But HPMoR has very conspicuously avoided the more severe caliber of American swear words, and I didn’t feel I had the right to cross that line. So Mugglefugger it is, even if it’s less funny that way.

Also I’ve written a little Beginner’s Podcasting post for anyone who’s interested in that sort of thing.

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