(114 & 115a) Production Notes

Well, here it is. Sticking the landing is always the hardest part, and after a certain point you lose all objectivity. I hope this works.

EDIT 9/17/15 – As some of you noticed, the website had a major crash a couple days ago. OMG that was stressful. I had to completely wipe and reinstall WordPress, and revert to backups from a month ago. Basic functionality looks to be back, and I’ve rebuilt the last few posts. Still some more work to do, but now it’s mainly cosmetic. Whew! Unfortunately that means the comments from the last few posts are lost. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented to let me know that the episode turned out OK. :) I’m glad it worked!

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  1. I’m just starting my own podcast soon, and I also use WordPress for everything – I installed a plugin that’s supposed to do my backups for me — I guess you’re saying to have another backup option in place?

    • One plugin should be enough, that’s what saved me. Mainly I’m just reminding everyone not to forget. :) But I have gotten paranoid enough that I now have two backup plugins. Constant Vigilance!

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