(117 & 118) Production Notes

Readers of the original text may be surprised to find that Oliver has had a gender-swap to Olivia. I know I’ve taken a few liberties with the text, but depending on how one rates these things, this may be the most drastic departure so far. Which, all things considered, isn’t really that drastic, right?

I had Oliver’s text in the “Available Roles” file, and the first person to contact me about it was April. There were a number of new male roles that had come up, but only one female, and that one had been snagged very quickly. April wanted a part, and suggested gender swapping Oliver. I dunno if I would have jumped at the idea to gender-swap Oliver if it had just been presented to me flatly. But she took the additional step of recording every Oliver line as Olivia and sending that in at the same time. Firstly, I’m a big fan of anyone displaying that sort of initiative. And secondly, it saves me a bunch of work, because all the lines are already done and there in my email inbox! She even went and did a second take with all of them, so I have two to choose from. Oliver is a single-appearance role, and his/her gender doesn’t really make any difference overall, as far as I can tell. To allow a fan to partake in a role she is excited about, and saving me additional work at the same time, well, it’s kinda a no-brainer. :)

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  1. very good episode, while olivia didn’t sound like a top proffesional voice actress she still made a really good job.

    Also I especially liked the music in proffesor quirells speach.

  2. Thanks for letting me do this!

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