119b – Something to Protect: Albus Dumbledore

Voldemort posthumously saves the world, for the first time

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  1. Hey Eneasz! It seems weird to write to you, after listening to some 400 episodes of HPMOR… several times though at least. But I figured I’d tell you that I am deeply appreciative to you for bringing us the HPMOR in audio format, and with such style.

    My brother actually has a beautiful hardcover edition of the story, which slipped through the printing companies legal department before they realized they couldn’t print fanfic. So… I think he’s the only one.

    My point is,you started a journey for both me and my brother, and while the paths diverge and the ends are fare different, I know it will be much easier to see the path I walk on with the tools of Rationality at my hand.

    So thank you, and to the Author.

    • Thank you so much for your words. :) I live for this kind of feedback, and the glow from something like this can last for days. Sometimes when I’m feeling crappy I think back to notes I’ve received like this, and I think “well heck, at least I did one sorta useful thing in my life.” So, again, thank you! I’m happy to have shared this journey with you, and with all the HPMoR fans!

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