(122c) Production Notes

It is completed!!

Thank you to everyone! I updated a few episodes for the absolute last time (changed out the Patil twin’s voices, and Flitwick, added the epigraph, plus a tweak or two). And the whole thing is available in one giant file, or 6 really big files, at the Table of Contents. I will have lots of stats and things to say next week, so totally come back then! For now, I’ll just quote Eliezer:

“This story spreads by blogging, tweeting, word of mouth, favoriting, plugging on forums, and adding to lists; and remember, if the readers before you hadn’t taken a moment to do that, you probably wouldn’t have found this.”

If you enjoyed the podcast, please let someone who you think may enjoy it know about it as well. There is nothing that would please me more. :)

(oh, and we made the top-100 in our iTunes subcategory!)

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  1. Thanks for a great job of reading this work. It just kept getting better and better, as you added new people to the cast of readers. However I must say that I really loved your rendition of Neville!

    Thanks for packaging this up. I’m going to have to put the complete version on a flash drive and listen to the whole thing now and then.

    All the best in whatever endeavor you next turn your mind to.

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