(MM3) Production Notes

Not a lot of background music or ambiance on this one, as there was a lot of narration. I could have maybe come up with bank music? But I wasn’t sure what sort of music would be playing in a bank in the 30s, if any.

I did fail to mention last week that Superman/Clark is in fact voiced by Nathan Bowman (NSPB) of the Worm Audiobook Project! Most fans of Rationalist Fiction are also fans of Worm, so if you haven’t heard/read it yet, give it a try. It is HUGE so you have many hours of listening, should you want them. :)

SFX: Alley Ambiancebending metal, tommy gun, bank panic

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Luthor Manor – Boccherini’s Minuetto

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