(MM14) Production Notes

A bit of a short episode today, due to some coordination SNAFU on my part. Next episode will be a little longer than average, to pick up the slack.

Last episode’s production notes were non-existent, so I didn’t get to mention that one of the jurors was played by DaystarEld, writer of the RationalFic “Origin of the Species,” and one half of the Rationally Writing Podcast team!

Today’s episode was sorta personal for me in a way I never expected it to be. Waaaaaaay back in Chapter 2 of HPMoR, Harry says “You’d think there’d be some kind of more dramatic mental event associated with updating on an observation of infinitesimal probability.” We all now know why there was no such dramatic event for him, but I recently discovered that my dad is basically agnostic/atheist, and has been since at least my teens. I had put the probability of my Jehovah’s Witness parents being anything less than full-on believers at significantly less than 1%. To find out everything I believed was wrong, and had been for decades, was a complete mind-fuck. It’s not as dramatic as discovering god doesn’t exist, not by a long shot, because that has some insane flow-through adjustments. But it’s still shocking, and cause for sooo much re-evaluation.

SFX: 1940’s Office, shower

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Luthor Manor – Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Superman Confession – X-ray Vision/Cold Precision, by Echo Beds
Lois Realization – There Are Some Remedies Worse Than the Disease, by This Will Destroy You

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