(MM15) Production Notes

I think it’s super cute that Jimmy and the PI hired to wring information out of him are a couple now. :) I wonder if she told him, or that’ll be one of those “foundations of lies and deceit” things.

It’s interesting the things that are cut from final versions of a story. There’s some backstory in this chapter, and Superman describes a power of his ship. In a removed scene, Lex stumbles across that power himself. It can be found by scrolling down just a little in this thread [NOTE – a commenter recommends Spoiler Warnings. I don’t think anything linked here or below relates to the last few episodes of Metropolitan Man, but I’m putting the warning here just in case. If nothing else, saying that the things herein aren’t spoilers is sorta a meta-spoiler about things you won’t have to worry about, so um… take that into consideration]. Scrolling a little further describes how to read a scene where Superman helps Lex change a flat tire. :) Alexander Wales also wrote a fanfic of his own fanfic that gives a more more in-depth origin story, but I’m not sure if it’s considered canon. Found here.

One of the things that really draws me to this story is how much I empathize with Lois. Her objections to God have always been among my strongest objections to God as well. And as soon as I put together the Superman = God thing (sometime in college, maybe late high school?) I had all her reactions as well. Eventually I realized that this sort of requirement would destroy anyone with human psychology, and that puts me in the interesting bind of agreeing with Lois in ideal, but identifying with Superman in the sub-ideal world we’re stuck in. For anyone struggling with similar issues, I really recommend Scott Alexander’s Nobody is Perfect, Everything is Commensurable (and the related Infinite Debt too).

SFX: Restaurant (Lively Cafe track), City noise (City and The City track)Radio Drama

Intro/Outro – Handlebars, by Flobots
Luthor Manor – Boccherini’s Minuetto

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  1. I would very much appreciate The Bayesian Conspiracy podcast on Metropolitan Man.

  2. please add a spoiler alert, those 2 supplemental MM story links appear to quickly present obviously likely, but big, spoiler information that has not yet happened after listening to finale part 1, and seem more appropriate for after the story is complete.

    • Hm. I don’t personally see what the spoiler is, but I’ve already read all of MM and so it’s possible that something just isn’t pinging my spoiler-sense. I’ve added the warning just in case. And I apologize if anything was spoiled for you. :(

      • I guessed it would just be slight timeline mixup from you having read it all a few times, ah well.

        I ended up reading the final chapter myself as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, so confirmed it was predictable sort of stuff anyway.

        I was going to suggest using the permalinks to avoid the spoilers in thread OP, but you already did that for just the second link about Jor-El (though not the Lex VR story), which prompted me to re-test Jor-El link from desktop and I figured it out:

        Mobile browser reddit shows the OP content (that has the spoilers), followed by the permalink comment and its replies, while desktop browser will show only the permalink comment and its replies, so that solves that mystery.

        Desktop browsers would at least benefit from following the permalink to /cy05vv2/ for the Lex VR story.

        Anyway, thanks very much for helping highlight this MM story and its two additional bits that add to the whole, cheers.

  3. Read through Scott’s blog post, it was indeed a good one and so thankyou for the recommendation as well of course thankyou for the brilliant work you do bringing books to life. I actually ended up getting interested in the story and just reading it all but it is still pleasant to listen and I feel it does bring something else to the story.

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