Not Everything Is A Clue – Ch 16-18

Chapters 16-18: I Could Believe Everything Up Until There Was No Boner

For next week — Chapters 19-21

19. Montage!
20. Desert Course
21. Cliff Racer

Steven’s Predictions – Everything is a Clue

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  1. I like to say i also leave points unallocated when playing an RPG, until the point i am having trouble with a certain situation, But i don’t regret it, i feel like it makes the game more fun and challenging. I feel like allocating points too soon and being overpowered is not a good way to play the game. Not sure how applicable that advice is to the story since the main goal would be survivability, and creating a challenging experience is not what the main character is shooting for.

  2. FeepingCreature

    Very minor correction: The Scroll* of Icarian Flight boosts your jump, which does control your fall damage as well. You can’t kill yourself by jumping no matter what your athleticism score is. Their limit is that they wear off after seven seconds, so if you’re still in the air at that time, your athleticism drops down to normal, and *then* you take fall damage.

    If you limit yourself to one moderate-length jump, they’re entirely usable as an early fast-travel system.

    Amusing note: If you look to the sky before you reach his location, you can see the wizard floating placidly before his fall script triggers. Luckily, players never look up.

    The description of entads really reminded me of Dwarf Fortress, where dwarves are likewise sometimes struck by sudden inspiration and work tirelessly to produce an artifact of immense value. (Of no particular special power, if simply because the game cannot simulate arbitrary powers.)

    “The Dimension Researcher is taken by a Fey Mood! The Dimension Researcher retreats to his workshop…”

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