(61) Production Notes

As some of you may have recognized, the intro music is from the theme to Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: 2nd GIG. That was a last minute decision, while I was editing this episode I kept thinking how much the rescue scene reminded me of the premier episode when Section 9 stormed the geisha house in their thermo-optic camo suits. It occurred to me that using that music to open up an action sequence would awesome. :) I ended up using the 2nd season theme rather than the 1st as it starts off with more energy. I think the Ghost In The Shell parallels work for the rest of the chapter too, as the Section 9 crew would often sit around as a group in debriefings and try to figure out what the hell was going on.

I’m glad to have so many people contributing voices to the show now. I didn’t actually add up the seconds, but I think this is the first episode where my speaking time is less than half of all the speech in the show! If only someone had cared to do Thicknesse I would’ve gone an entire chapter doing only the Narrator. :) (well ok, and a few words by Harry)

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  1. New voices! I liked your Snape voice, which humorously reminds me of Potter Puppet Pals, like he is constantly sneering. But the new Snape is good and haughty too.

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