(62) Production Notes

These episodes with extreme emotion are rather difficult to do, primarily because I’m really not a voice actor. I have to really psych myself up, and do several takes. The only reason I can do them at all is because I feel what Harry is feeling, which is entirely due to Eliezer’s skills as a storyteller. When I first read the Azkaban arc I couldn’t breathe through most of it. “Acting” is much easier when it isn’t actually acting, it’s just expressing & recording what you are already feeling inside. It kinda feels like cheating. I hope it came out alright.

There’s also the technical problem of such drastic changes in volume blowing out the microphone, it seems I should have adjusted even more for that, but it’s not awful.

The phoenix call I used was primarily the red-tailed hawk cry. People often assume this is the bald eagle cry, because it is used in TV and Hollywood in place of the real bald eagle cry, which is a fair bit less impressive. Obviously one’s national bird should have the coolest cry – and if it doesn’t, we can fix that in post!

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