(63c) Production Notes

When Harry first started labeling his various internal thought processes according to the Houses, I knew I had to give them slightly different voices. Slytherin and Hufflepuff were easy – make ’em sound like Draco and Neville, of course. Ravenclaw is just Harry’s natural voice. Gryffindor was tougher, as Harry doesn’t have any peers in Gryffindor in MoR. I went with a sort of superman/mighty-mouse tone (or my best approximation at any rate.)

Now that I have someone new voicing Neville this will be less obvious. And when I’m done going through the earlier episodes and replacing all of my Neville renditions with Adom’s, there will be no tie between Neville and internal-Hufflepuff at all. Older listeners might remember, but anyone new – if they think about it at all – is going to wonder why that particular voice. I think I kinda like that quirk. :)

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