(74b) Production Notes

It is with a melancholy regret that I turn the page on SPHEW. This has been a great deal of fun, and has really opened my eyes to what a good cast can do. Every actress brings her own unique interpretation to things that I wouldn’t have gotten by myself, and the zeal that they threw into the roles was inspiring. When I’m reading sometimes the names of the non-Main Characters blur together, so I didn’t really realize until I had distinct voices acting them just how unique and interesting all these secondary characters had been written. Maybe it’s because I grew up on Trek: Next Generation, but I really love mid-sized group dynamics in stories, and I’ll miss weaving these voices together every week. On the other hand, I’ll be glad to go back to a more normal schedule… splicing together 8 different audio tracks every week increased production time a fair bit.

To everyone involved – thank you! And lest we forget, thanks to Eliezer for writing all this in the first place. :)

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  1. It’s “like real fighting” not “really like fighting”.

  2. Professor Quirrell said “There are hundreds of useful rituals which could be performed if men had so much sense; I could name twenty without stopping to draw breath.”

    How I would like to ask the author to elaborate on those twenty useful ideas!

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