(78a) Production Notes

There’s a new Madam Longbottom.

When I originally recorded chapter 38 I asked my girlfriend to do Madam Longbottom’s voice. I had already slated her to play Amelia Bones, because my girlfriend is also a tough-ass bitch and she feels perfect for the part. But I didn’t yet have anyone for Madam Longbottom, and it seemed that this was a one-off role which wouldn’t reoccur, and had over a dozen chapters from her appearance to Amelia’s appearance. No problem, right?
Not long after that Taboo Tradeoffs came out, and not only do the two of them appear in the same chapter, they actually speak directly to each other. >.< Epic facepalm.
So I have recruited a new Madam Longbottom. I’ve also gone back and replaced Melissa’s lines in 38 with Sabrina’s, for consistency. Hopefully Lily Potter won’t ever have a conversation with Molly Weasley…

In non-Potter news, The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is absolutely awesome. It’s got power armor, lightsabers, and an awesome messiah character. It’s full of Capital Letter Ideals and if you like fantasy I highly recommend it. Not strictly rationalist fic, but lots of problem-solving, some research, and at one point the messiah character asks the Fundamental Question of Rationality almost word-for-word.

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