(18b) Production Notes

I’ve added a bunch of sound effects to the narration, where I think they contribute or where it’s exceptionally fun to do so. :) I even have a few “themes” (most notably the Headmasters Office Theme). But after some thought I decided to leave out the Phoenix’s Song. It is magically beautiful, it touches everyone in a way that their most loved musical piece would, except more so. And it heals just to listen to it. Even if I chose what I thought was the most beautiful song in the world, that would only work for me – for most other people it wouldn’t have the same significance, and they would just hear notes. It is literally impossible to do the Phoenix’s Song justice with mere mortal music, and so I decided to leave it as described in the narration only, and let the listener’s imagination fill in whatever they consider most aweing.  I could only interfere with that.

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