(25) Production Notes

It didn’t occur to me until much later (the SPHEW arc, with the Patils, to be specific) to differentiate between speaking twins by alternating them between the Left and Right channels. When I updated this chapter with Greg’s voice and did the alternation I discovered something – I have some hearing loss in my right ear. Or, more likely, I have some hearing loss in both ears (I did the whole “massively loud metal while wearing headphones” thing when I was a teenager) and it’s worse in my right ear. I found it odd that George was also quieter than Fred, even though I had their volumes set to the same level and Greg had done one line after the other without changing his setup. I thought maybe my right headphone speaker was going out, so I flipped the headset around… and now it was Fred that was quieter than George. Doh. :/ Ah well, what is true is already so, and now my model of the world is slightly less wrong.

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  1. Sorry about that. :\

    Maybe your health insurance can pay for a hearing aid that gives you superhuman hearing! o/ ;)

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