(41 & 42) Production Notes

This was the biggest production up until this point (soon to be topped though!). I think it’s also the first instance of a sound effect actually taking the place of the narration. I wanted to make sure the association was solid with the listener and they wouldn’t have to guess at what they were hearing, so immediately before the stick/plop section where the text reads “ as she slowly peeled the fingertips of one hand off the wall with an extended sticky sound. Her hand plopped back down again almost as soon as it was lifted.” I underlaid the words “extended sticky sound” with the FX of the stretching balloon, and the words “plopped” with the plopping sound. I assume it worked, as no one has complained.

Again, there’s no real reason that Millicent is French (or Cajun, depending on my skill…), I just thought it’d be fun and distinct.

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