(84b) Production Notes

Sorry to everyone who tried to download the episode in the early morning – the host servers experienced a power outage. Happily, things are back up and running now.

In the first take of the humming scene, I had attempted to match the audio somewhat to what was being described. Slowing at first, altering the pitch to sound awful for a few words, generally sounding chaotic. However the effect upon listening was really poor. It sounded like a series of audio effects, and didn’t really convey what the auror was being subjected to. There was no way for such a brief scatter-shot approach to even partially convey an attack which relied on incessant wearing over hours of time. I re-did it with a straight reading, relying again on the superior imaginations of my listeners. :) I did eventually keep one small pause near the beginning, just to give a small taste of the frustration of an expectant pause. Hopefully it added a little spice without destroying the section the way my initial attempt had.

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