(85b) Production Notes

Last week was a busy week, and now you know why. :)

I gotta say, it is crazy difficult being duplicitous with your loved one. In general I am complete shit at lying, I’ve always been against it so I never really got any practice. I do my best to implement the “act exactly as you’d act if you weren’t hiding this big thing” advice, but it really wears you down! I’m glad as hell this is finally over. Well technically it won’t be over until Saturday (so if you know Melissa IRL, don’t mention this to her yet), but I’m already feeling some relief just getting this out and thinking about it. Just a few more days…

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  1. I notice that I am confused. What is going on here? This is rather out of character for you.The most likely explanation is that this is a (late) April Fool’s joke.

  2. It is very legitimate. :) She agreed that if we ever get married she’d divorce me after 5 years, and we can have 5-years-married/5-years-not cycles for as long as we want to stay together. Dunno yet if I’ll actually take her up on it, but she’s willing to do it, which means she understands. That’s what changed my mind.

  3. Did I miss some kind of back story here? Otherwise not sure how to interpret this post.

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