(97) Production Notes

Quite a few updates to previous episodes to report. Most notably – I completely redid the narration for Chapter 96. If you have the inclination, give it another listen and let me know if this is better or worse. It’s certainly different. I’m narrating all of Three Worlds Collide in a similar style, so hopefully it isn’t terrible.

In addition, all the Millicent lines have been updated with voice work from Novina Caine,  all of Harry’s dad’s lines have been replaced with Robert Doss’s work, and all of Harry’s mother’s lines have been replaced by Annie McCabe s contribution. Finally, Paula Rizzuto has added Lady Greengrass to her list of voices. Thank you again to all!

There are still a few minor roles available for those who wish to contribute, but it’s a fair bit of work to make these replacements, so please contact me first. I am actively seeking someone who can do a convincing Irish accent for the voice of Seamus Finnigan, I’ve been told my mutilated Scottish/Irish/English patchwork makes true Irishmans’ ears bleed. :)

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  1. Sooo… is now a good time to download/re-download audio files? I only got 20 or so last time I felt inclined to keep the audio files.

  2. If you want a final downloading with guarantees there will be no more changes – no, not yet. I do plan to put out a final call for new voices around the time Chapter 99 goes up (several months from now, most likely). After that I’ll do the last updates *ever*, and I’ll let everyone know it’s safe.

  3. I was just relistening to the first couple, and you left in an audio file that says the theme music is Welcome to the Black Parade rather than Catch that Goblin. Got me confused for awhile. :|

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