(3WC pt3) Production Notes

I decided to put the credits at the front for this episode (and will for several others as well) to serve as a reminder of which voice is associated with which role. In HPMoR there are a number of distinct voices that reappear constantly, and after 100+ episodes I no longer tag every line with the speaker (McGonagall, Snape, Draco, Dumbledore, etc). I’m not sure that 3WC has been going long enough to cement actor’s voices with specific characters… but maybe? On the one hand, I have no trouble telling them apart, and I don’t want to cut up the dialog too much with unnecessary “said the pilot” tags. On the other hand, I know almost all of these people personally so I’m very familiar with their voices already, plus I’m the one who picked them for the role so the link is very strong in my mind. I think I make a particularly terrible judge of how much tagging is needed. So I introduced the Dramatis Personae. Hopefully that will help.

Speaking of which, I was appalled by how that’s pronounced. I’d always thought it ended with a “-nye” sound, not a “-nee” sound. I’m glad I looked it up, but man does it grate on my ears. :/ I’ve been surprised by a few pronunciations in the past, but they never hurt before.

In next episode’s news (no spoiler) – it looks like there isn’t an accepted pronunciation of “anti-agathics” yet. So I get to use the one I think sounds best, and try to sway history to my side. The power!!! ;)

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  1. Wow. Amazing use of music vs silence towards the end. I got chills. That whole sequence was just excellent, and this chapter was definitely my favorite of the story so far.

  2. You could go with a pronunciation closer to ancient Latin. [‘dramatis per’so:nai]

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