Three Worlds Collide – Part 3 (of 8)

The Super Happy People

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  1. When are u going to make a podcast of worm

    • HA! I’ve been asked what I plan to do when HPMoR is over, but never quite that directly. :)

      If I decide to stay in the podcasting game after HPMoR (not sure), *and* if I could get the author’s permission (also an unknown), I’m still not sure I would be the best person to do that. I doubt a male narrator works with a female protagonist.

  2. That would be awesome! Maybe you should ask for funds on kickstarter or indiegogo, and split it with the author of a story you think HPMoR’s fans will like.

    • Oh, I dunno. I’m not sure I could take money for this sort of thing. Not that I’m against it in principle, but I’m worried about how it would change things if I were to be doing this for profit rather than for the enjoyment/challenge/love.

      Plus there’s the legal ramifications. Generally people are willing to look away if you’re just doing something for fun and putting it out for free. Large communities exist for people to give each other stuff for free, as long as everyone gives away what they make with it as well. If I made this a commercial venture all the free SFX would have to be licensed, most of the music would have to be licensed, etc. I prefer to stay in fan culture. :)

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