(3WC pt5) Production Notes

Just a quick note – the file of available roles (and the full list of their lines) has been updated! If you want to contribute a voice to HPMoR, anything from an anonymous single-line to a minor character with a few paragraphs, now’s the time. See the Voicing A Character page for details and tips.

If you haven’t heard Hands Around My Throat in full, the tiny snippets in this episode really don’t do it justice. I love the way the song builds. It starts with a single instrument, which repeats for several measures. Then it layers the next one on top, and both play for several measures. Then the next one. Then the next one. And so on. It’s a great build up. I don’t think I ever would’ve heard it if not for the Animatrix Soundtrack, which I happened to get for free as a promotion. Huzzah for serendipity!

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