It’s not about people in 2026, or skinks, or Martians. And the dog does NOT talk.

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Earthfic was written by Alicorn. It can be found at her website,, which contains quite a few works by Alicorn, all freely available. They include Luminosity a rationalist Twillight fanfic, and Elcenia an original fantasy fiction series, among others. They’re all quite good!

If Harriet’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because she’s voiced by Ginny DiGuipepsi, formerly of Not Literally. She’s currently appearing as Arya in Ask Westeros. She’s striking off on her own now, and can be found blogging at Ginny Writes.

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  1. Every time I read this story, I want to register Too bad I don’t actually have any earth fiction to put there, and it seems odd to just have it redirect to this story or

  2. Beautiful :D I wish I’d consulted on a couple pronunciations but this is awesome, props especially to Harriet’s actress.

  3. This is crtysal clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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