Three Dialogs

Original Texts:

Use The Try Harder, Luke

The Vulcan Your Vulcan Could Sound Like, If He Wasn’t Made of Straw

The Last Temptation of Christ

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  1. person behind an unimportant deleted lw account

    Oh shit, it’s pretty cool to hear the thing I pasted last year acted out here, pretty much exactly how it should sound. I like that you liked the title I made up for it. Well, everyone likes Old Spice references right? Thanks for doing this!

    Long time listener by the way, glad this podcast exists. I haven’t really gotten people to follow up on my recommendations so hopefully my props suffice as thanks.

    Nitpick: it’s tailSTEAK (I don’t blame you, what’s a tailsteak?)

    • Thank you for linking it! It was great, and I never would have seen it otherwise.

      And yes, your props are awesome, and all I could ask for. :) I’ve found that HPMoR is a very specific niche, and it’s not to most people’s taste. The real payoff is occasionally finding that one person who falls in love with it like I did. It’s rare, but it’s great when it happens.

      TailSTEAK? Ack! Stupid eyes, not seeing things right! I’ll have that fixed before the next episode goes up in a couple weeks. Thanks!

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