sam513 & Valuable Humans In Transit

Two stories by Sam Hughes.

Sam Hughes writes and blogs at, and may be best know for Ra.

Note: I AM PUBLISHED!! Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Feb 2015 issue. The story is “Red Legacy” on page 48. Some notes, as well as links to different e-formats, are over at my personal blog.

Original Text:
Valuable Humans In Transit

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  1. I keep checking in and keep seeing more no HPMOR stuff. Not that I am complaining per say but I would like to know when the feature presentation will resume?

    • Hopefully soon! :) This is from the latest author’s notes at

      “Ch. 118-120 remain to be written, but I am taking the tentative plunge and saying that I currently but not solidly plan to begin posting HPMOR Ch. 104 on February 15th, 2015, and conclude with Ch. 120 on March 14th, 3.14 or Pi Day, at 12PM Pacific Time.
      If I choose to solidify this date, I will post Ch. 103 on January 28th, 2015 at 5PM Pacific Time to announce the fact.”

      If Chapter 103 does go up on Jan 28th, I will do my damndest to get it in audio format by Feb 11th. There is no way I can get 104 into audio in time for the next episode if the text is done on 2/15, so there will be something else in that week, and then after that we will have nothing but non-stop HPMoR until the story is complete!

      Assuming things go to plan of course… /ominous music

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed these short stories, excellent choice!

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