103 – Tests

Reality isn’t fair

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  1. Your audio is all messed up it’s like it’s slowed down and had noise added.

  2. I’m going to listen to all of the episodes from the beginning. :)

  3. I’ve been listening this Podcast since two month ago. And I finished ! What a wonderful work you have done! Well done Well done !

    I have been really excited and entertained because of this cast.

    Great !!

    From Big fan who live in South Korea, non-english speaker.

  4. Will you be catching up with the grand conclusion of the story? (I just downloaded all the episodes currently posted) Thanks!

    • Yup. Tonight Part 2 of Red Legacy goes up, and then I’m going into full HPMoR mode until it’s done. At 88k words it’ll take a while though.

  5. great wnderful job thank you have all my respect big fan from Algeria :-)

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