Red Legacy, part 2

Madness? This is Arkhipov!

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  1. This story was wonderful; congrats on getting it published! I look forward to your future work.

  2. I, too am eager to see more of your work in the near-future.. (great readings too).. ~

    Congratulation.. this was GREAT.. ~~

  3. I realize this might not be the best place to ask this, but…

    What’s happening to this podcast after the end of HPMoR?

    When the story ends, are you going to just pull down the shutters and go home? Will you be migrating to a different project we can follow?

    As I was listening to the preamble bit about reading the last few chapters, I realized that I’ve grown accustomed to this podcast. For the last quite a while, most of the episodes have been random fiction or Eleizer essays, and I’ve become entirely comfortable with the non-Harry-Potter-ness.

    It may be rather selfish to expect you to continue to podcast past wherever you want to stop, but I’d like to hear your take on other stories and other essays; I’d like to hear you read whatever you’re going to write in the future.

    I know you’ve said before that you’re “just a guy with a microphone and too much time on his hands,” but (even so) you’re a guy with an *audience.* And (as one random member of that faceless group who periodically receives your audio files) I just wanted you to know that you can keep us, if you want to.

    • Awwwwww! Thank you so much. It’s hard to say how very warm-and-fuzzy that makes me feel. :)

      I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do. I do have at least one other possible project I’m considering, which would be somewhat less than a year in length, and by then I could probably find another thing I’d love to podcast. The bigger question would be if I want to keep going. I still have a number of months to ponder it. But this comment does push me a little toward the “keep going” side. :) I’m really happy to hear other people enjoy this!

      • I agree with Edgar, I like this podcast and even though my top highlights are HPMOR things, like Tracey “summoning” Harry while facing the masked bullies or Harry’s argument with Dumbledore about death being bad, I also really like the other stories you podcasted, especially Three worlds collide or The Sword of Good.

        Please continue after you finish HPMOR. :-)

  4. You have a ‘Gift’…

    I worked from home today and listened to both part about 4 times each.. ~~~

    This and the work you did (still doing) with the HPmor.. it is amazing. I only found it just over a year ago. I listened to the whole thing about times… I found it amazingly fresh each time.. (Yes, I have a LIfe.. but I put on my mp3 player when working or traveling to the city for work or taking looong 5 mile walks..

    You brought the store alive (you and the people you picked to do the readings…

    It cheered me up on the coldest New York City days.. when it was too cold to go anyway…

    It is a Gift you have.. ~~

    emma :)

  5. oops ..loooong day here. meant to write listen to the whole thing ‘5’ times.

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