(106 & 107) Production Notes

Real short notes today.

* Many thanks to everyone who tried out for Voldemort, I’m pleased with the results and grateful at how many people were willing to put themselves forward!

* I just returned from a LessWrong meetup in Denver. These things are really cool, if you’re near Denver and would like to come to one drop me a line. It looks like we’ll be doing another one the first Tuesday of next month.

* Also, if you’re going to Denver Comic Con this year, I’m helping to coordinate the Author Track Panels. I’ll be in room 203 most of the day all three days, feel free to say hi!

* Yes, I know Harry complains a couple times about how slow they are going. Compared to how fast Quirrell could whip through the corridor, it’s probably slow. But compared to how long it would take a level-appropriate party to work through the corridor, this is definitely a speed run.

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