105 – The Truth, Pt 2

Bargaining with the Devil

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  1. I would have helped with the voice of Voldemort, if I could. I was a lower end bass when I was in a choir.

  2. In truth, I really am sad you aren’t going to use the same voice as from Harry’s dementor memory.

  3. Parseltongue effects are great, and I’m hopeful they’ll be applied to earlier episodes retroactively, because they really do make things way more clear-cut. (Although I’m not sure how much work that would be for you…)

    This showed up as “Chapter 103” when I downloaded it, which was extremely confusing for a few minutes as I tried to figure out where the chapters I’d skipped past had gone. Might want to patch that if it hasn’t been noticed yet.

    • Oops! Thank you, I’ll update that over the weekend.

      Parseltongue back-fix eh? Hm…. I will have to consider this. It’s not a giant amount of work, but it certainly isn’t insignificant either.

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