(105) Production Notes

I have updated the available roles file to list the final available roles for HPMoR. They are mainly Death Eaters, plus of course Voldemort. Be warned – spoilers in that file, if you haven’t read the text yet.

Speaking of which, here is a link to the first Voldemort scene from a Very Potter Musical, if anyone was looking for a possible inspiration. Seriously, any assistance I could get on the Voldy front would be helpful.

I know I never had a background hiss to denote Parseltounge-speech before. I stretched my enunciation a bit and really stressed all the S’s, and I felt that was enough. The characters spoke in Parseltounge in long blocks, and it was telegraphed by people turning into snakes, and so forth. But in the coming chapters Harry and Quirrell drop in and out of Parseltounge a lot, sometimes multiple times in a single paragraph. Sometimes the lines don’t contain any S sounds. And to make matters worse, Harry’s Slytherin Side thinks at him a few times… and his Slytherin side talks like Draco, who also stretches his enunciation, so it sounds kinda Parseltounge-ish. So, yeah, I figured it was important to be much more explicit. Hope it works for everyone.

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