108b – The Truth, Pt 5, Answers and Riddles

Plots upon plots

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  1. really? that’s where you end the podcast?

    great decision, really smart.

    I’m still mildly upset at you.

  2. I really Enjoyed this one.

    I read to the end.. but I’m spoiled by this podcast.

    I used to always feel the printed word was more poignant than the movie (or audio).. but with this story… your audio really brings the words to a heightened sense~

    Much appreciation~

    At 54 years old this is my first every podcast. I now have tried other podcast etc.. and have been disappointed.. except by the others ones you have done.. especially the one you penned Red Legacy.. :)

    emma e. emerson~

  3. Hey!

    I really am inspired from the hard work you put into each and every episode.

    Been listening for a long time now and wanted finally comment and thank you for your work.

    Greetings from Finland.

  4. A random question that has been like a splinter in the back of my mind: what is the background music when the history of the philosopher’s stone is being told?

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