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List of HPMoR continuation fic and related fic (scroll down to “HPMoR fanfiction” section for continuation stories)

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  1. i wonder how many kiddies won’t get that little bit at the end :-]

    it’s been a great run, i look forward to your next podcasts, and if you ever get bored… there is some low hanging fruit on the tree ;-)

    i like “Daystar’s Remix of Rationality” which polished the initial few chapters for a smoother entry into the world (though i’d restore the bookshelf descriptions to match his return home).

    just from the titles “HPMoR: The Missing (but Necessary) Chapters” could be an interesting followup to squeeze in there, too, i shall have to check that out next.

    cheers 8^)

  2. I have loved this podcast since it began it.

    I would say this rates among the best pieces of audio I have ever come across. The depth of feeling you and your fellow voice actors put into this is very impressive. I wish I could find fiction on audible this well done on a regular basis.

    I can’t wait to see what comes next in terms of rationalist fiction for this podcast, and I hope you do post some additional details about the book you have planned. Just send a quick update announcing when it is available for pre-order and I will be happy to buy a copy.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful project. It has set the bar extremely high, and seriously improves the whole Methods experience. I will miss your narrating voice during this hiatus, and will definitely listen to any future projects of yours.

    Will you be retro-actively editing the torrent? I’ve noticed some minor errors recently, like not using Voldemort’s new voice actor when Harry was remembering Voldie’s line in Ch46, and I was wondering if I should email you with the details if I find more.

    Also, will you be releasing the torrents for the individual books of Methods?

    • maybe after a few more rounds of spot checks, i was going to ask about uploading the individual podcast episodes myself to the Internet Archive, since they auto convert formats and provide torrents as well, which would help with bandwidth. (and there are some very early outdated versions on there to request removal first though)

    • Oh hell! I was hoping to be done entirely, and let minor errors remain, but that’s a pretty damn big one. :( Do you recall the what time it occurred at? And yes, please email me with anything else you find that seems big,

  4. Richard J. Acton AKA the voice of Mr. Councel

    I appreciate the variety of download formats you have already provided, but would like to suggest another: A zip file with all the individual episode files in it, (ideally also including a playlist file).

    I find it easier to navigate to my favourite bits when it is broken up by individual podcast than when it is one big audio file, but it would take ages in repetitive human interaction time to download each episode individually. (Plus I quite like listening to all the intro-outro stuff.)

    • This should be doable by my plan to upload it all to the internet archive once the final rounds of updates are done and I get the ok from Eneasz.

      I also like the podcast commentary and predictable time chunks, so I would like to help keep that accessible.

      They have a variety of format options, playlists, torrents, etc at the archive.

    • I think I can do that. :) I’ll upload when I upload the final pre-hiatus episode in a couple weeks.

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