(Of All Possible Worlds) Production Notes

I think I overproduced this episode a bit.

I said most of what I wanted to say on writing this story this in the bottom half of my post about this story at my blog — including the fact that this was partly inspired by Sister Y’s posted “Transdimensional Justice Monster” at The View From Hell.

One thing I didn’t mention – the summoned monster is supposed to be a Byahkee. Fun thing about trying to figure out how to describe a Byahkee – turns out there is no source. Lovecraft himself didn’t describe what a Byahkee actually looked like except to say they’re winged and have webbed feet. His description is mostly things that it didn’t look like. To wit: not crows, moles, buzzards, ants, vampire bats, nor decomposed human beings. I guess the implication is that they’re kinda like all those things. Anyway, I ended up basing my description sorta on this image by KingOvRats. He’s been interviewed as well.


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