Interview with Eliezer Yudkowsky

This is the third episode of a new podcast I’m involved in – The Bayesian

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  1. Your voice is messed up at the beginning.

    • Yeah, something went wrong, and I couldn’t fix it because my microphone is no longer stored at my house (due to the new podcast project). I figured since it was pretty short I’d just let it slide. Once I start up the fiction podcast again I might go back and redo that though.

  2. Nevin Wetherill

    For the life of me I cannot tell what post Eliezer mentioned when asked about what a good outcome would look like. His answer started with “a concrete instantiation of the fun theory…”
    I can’t just ignore it, because apparently it’s Dangerous Knowledge, which is my favorite kind of knowledge. The audio is so garbled though, I can’t hear the rest of his answer.

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