MM 8 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 7


[content warning: violence against children & sexual abuse]

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  1. I am torn on this chapter. I enjoyed the character development, but it seemed a little late.

    (Spoilers Ahead)

    Superman’s heightened senses should have informed him of crimes like this long ago; I know the sheer brutality of the actions would be somewhat rare, but if he can actually see and hear as well as described, this can’t be the first time he encountered this level of horror.

    Even if we are assuming his current level of awareness is relatively new.

    • My interpretation is that he’s always been able to see/hear this, but it was easier to ignore when the entire world didn’t blame him personally for everything, and people weren’t calling his name specifically for help. Ever since he came out as Superman it’s been grinding him down at a fast rate, which he hadn’t anticipated.

  2. The part about Sodam and Gamora is really well done.

    Clark talking about what ratio of people being horrible makes it appropriate for a god to destroy a city is bone chilling.

    Nonetheless it is also written in a way that makes sense in context and is not out of character. It’s even kinda sympathetic.

  3. By Supermans standard, basically everyone is a horrible person, even most Effective Altruists.

    If you donate effectivly, you could save a life for a few 1,000$ (search “GiveWell” if you don’t know how to donate effectivly)

    So, if we buy a new car, we’re essentially saying that having a new car is more important to us then saving multiple lifes.

    • A practical solution is to set a reasonable standard for yourself and stick to it. For example, some Effective Altruists vow to donate 10% of their income effectivly.

      If you set yourself to an unreasonably high standard, you’ll either do nothing (because nothing is good enough) and feel guilty or burn out eventually. Both is bad both for you and for your ability to do good.
      Scott Alexander talks about it here:

      So, by that standard, it might actually be OK if Superman takes some “time out” to prevent himself from burning out.

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