MM 11 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 9

Dust to Dust

Rationality: From AI to Zombies – The Podcast

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  1. You forgot to include the link to the ai to zombies podcast:

    Or I listened to this before you finished writing your notes here, in which case I’m sorry and you can delete this comment. Well, you can do that anyway, it’d just be a reminder to include that link in your notes and once you do this comment is obsolete anyway. :-)

  2. Nathan Bowman’s performance is exceptional in both this episode and his earlier despairing monologue to Lois earlier. It just makes the entire scene, and the tightly controlled speech and emotions can really be heard. Ugh, it’s just really good.

    Besides the scream that didn’t quite sound right and took me out of the experience for a second, everything else is really very well-constructed.

    • Due to my childhood experience, I found it really hard not to use the scream from the Christoper Reeves movie. But… perhaps I should reconsider. ty.

      And yes, Nathan Bowman is amazing! :)

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