MM 12 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 10 (part 1)

A Vast and Terrifying Enemy

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  1. The actor portraying Floyd is my favorite voice in MM. Does he have any other projects that I might also enjoy?

    • Yes! From Drewy Nucci:

      “Besides the other projects I’ve worked on with you (hpmor, the Russian scientist story) I’ve been in a bunch of tv shows (most on Netflix now) and a few movies and commercials. I’m filming one now called family values where I play Enzo deluca, mafia underboss, an unreleased movie called warrior road which is in post right now, a few roles coming up and I’ve done stand up under the name nucci. I’m also featured as the character “the crow” in a feature on deviant art made by ladyofthewoo. Other than that I was a music producer for the better part of ten years under the DJ name drewy nucci. Most of my stuff is still up on YouTube. I also did voice over work for delta airlines prerecorded boarding announcements. I do voice mails for my friends on request, I don’t know how interested this person is in having a goofy message but I’d be happy to make one for him/her for fun in appreciation in their interest in my voice… whatever I can do, I’m always happy to make someone day!

      Thanks for reaching out and making mine!”

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