MM 16 – The Metropolitan Man, Chapter 13 pt 1

Finale, part 2

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed this story, and some of the musical choices in it as well. I startled a little when I noticed that the dim background music in Calhoun’s club was Lone Digger. No Handlebars is also a very appropriate choice.

    The voice acting and presentation give it an appropriate level of seriousness and good quality.

    And now, at last… The unexpectedly obvious point at which the God character, in his virtuous patience, pointedly but politely tells his wannabe adversary to stop wasting time trying to kill him and help him figure out how to best and most harmlessly improve the world.

    • Thank you! I always wonder how many people actually notice that sort of thing. :) I ride a *lot* on the strength of the works I’m adapting, so it’s fun to throw in a little touch here and there.

    • Is Lex Luther wrong though? Superman already killed a man who’d been found not guilty by the court system and put a man in a hole in the ground making him live in poor conditions. Granted, they’re both criminals, but I would’ve worried about where that sort of thing would lead. As Lex Luther points out, Superman cannot be stopped after the fact, so he must be stopped before, if it turns out to be necessary. Given that Superman is at least partially alien, I could not justify a less than 10% probability estimate of a large scale disaster resulting from unreliable psychology, and that is only one of several possible disaster scenarios.

  2. Oh, the irony. Lex Luthors paranoid attempts to hide himself from Superman are what led Superman to him.

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